Naruto Shippuuden – 480-483

[Himawari] Naruto Shippuuden - 480 (1280x720 AAC) [475602FB]_001_22729

I was really tempted to just release this with no explanation.

Since Boruto’s progress has been a little choppy, I’ve been doing little bits and pieces of the Naruto Shippuuden epilogue episodes over time (since nobody else has done it).

Also please welcome out newest member ywai1659!

More soon.

Nyaa: FYzR3k5


Xirix : Editing, Typesetting, Timing
Encoding : SOFCJ
kfx : ywai1659


Boruto – 19-24 Batch


I liked this arc, it has a thing or two that I disagreed with, but overall it’s pretty neat…. Oh hi, yes we still sub this show.

Anidex: FYzR3k5
Nyaa: FYzR3k5


Xirix : Editing, Typesetting, Timing
Encoding : SOFCJ
kfx : Koby (OP1) xDeathTheKid (ED2)

I’d like to thank the tv-tokyo for DMCAing the header images…, I’ll crop them from now on I guess.

Boruto – 1-18 Batch


Oh geez there’s a new ED in there somewhere. So we decided to release in arcs for a bit. Included are all the updated/fixed episodes, and now we finally have Eps 1-4 on the blog, hooray. (Lots of fixes here so pay attention to the CRC codes to make sure you have the best version of each ep! Patch batch link is below if you already have olders releases)

I make no promises on when releases are going to happen, but imma try and get some done.

Anidex : FYzR3k5
Nyaa : FYzR3k5

Patches : Mega

Credits for 13-15

xDeathTheKid : Timing
Xirix : Editing / Typesetting
Encoding : SOFCJ
kfx : Koby (OP1, ED1) xDeathTheKid (ED2)

Credits for 16-18

Xirix : Editing, Typesetting, Timing
Encoding : SOFCJ
kfx : Koby (OP1) xDeathTheKid (ED2)

P.S. Oh and yeah, I’m sure this’ll be brought up by someone. But the first instances of Sakura’s ‘catchphrase’ Shannaro show up, but at the very least the first two times it’s used, it’s in a way that “Hell Yeah” the general fansub translation, wouldn’t really work.

At it’s core, ‘Shannaro’ is just a nonsense word for expressing a feeling, whether this is getting pumped to do some kind of attack, or expressing frustration or annoyance. (Such is what we have in some of these episodes). So I will be ‘translating’ these to suite the situation. (The word itself is a corruption of a saying as well, so I might use the literal saying if it fits.)

In episodes with this I’ll put a second subtitle track where Shannaro isn’t translated, just so everyone’s happy.

And after all, anything’s better than fucking ‘Cha’.

Some old Naruto Shippuuden edits

So before I (Xirix) joined Himawari, I did some unofficial editing of other releases, Hatsuyuki’s canon episodes and NotWCP’s canon episodes. Considering NotWCP is DeaththeKid they’re kinda unofficial Himawari releases if you think about it.

Anyway I’ve recently re-upped these, so thought I’d share em.

Hatsuyuki Edits : FYzR3k5
NotWCP Edits : FYzR3k5

As for Boruto, don’t worry it’s not dropped or anything. Just a cold and busy time of year at the moment.